3pm Fika in Gullaskruv – a playful dystopia, 11-13 August, Folkets Hus, Gullaskruv, Sweden.


Trekaffe in Gullaskruv – a playful dystopia, 11, 12, 13 August, 15:00.

Location: Folkets Hus, Lenhovdavägen 52, Gullaskruv.

A work created from a personal relationship with the mill community Gullaskruv, in relation to its history and the people who now live and work there.

The work is created by Carina Reich in collaboration with the artist Markus Emilsson and is realised with support from the Swedish Arts Council and Gullaskruv Folketshusförening.

Read more at https://www.trekaffe.se/

Night Journey ┃ 30-31 August, 1 September, Stockholm Fringe and 27, 28, 29 October, World Heritage Days, Karlskrona, Sweden


Night Journey, 30, 31 Aug, 1 Sept, Stockholm Fringe, Stockholm, Sweden.

Venue: Skeppsbrokajen (opposite The Royal Palace), Boatt Voulez-vous

27, 28, 29 Oct, World Heritage Days, Karlskrona, Sweden

Location: Marine Museum’s quay, Boat Fyrskär

Night Journey is a poetic sound-trip on a sightseeing boat, evoking the allure and darkness of the water, where the audience is taken on an inner journey – what does it mean to be alive – what can it mean to be dead….

Poet and architect Björner Torsson’s poetic story is an odyssey into the symbolism of water. The text is broadcast in both Swedish and English, read by actors Krister Henriksson (SWE) and Linda Marlowe (GB).

The work is created by Carina Reich and Bogdan Szyber, in collaboration with Peder Bjurman. Soundscape by David Österberg. Lighting by Ronald Salas. Construction by Hamilton & Serrander. Hosts C Reich & B Szyber.

The boat trip lasts about 50 minutes.

Reich + Szyber supervise fashion students at Beckmans School of Design


A three-week process culminating in a site-specific exhibition/’cat walk’ on November 24. Fashion class 2nd year, materiality experiment course.


Design Rasmus Georgiadis.
Foto Kristian Löweborg.

Design Paul Shutrick.
Foto Kristian Löweborg.

Design Albin Wikström.
Foto Kristian Löweborg.

Reich + Szyber stage “Hoffmann’s Tales” at Norrlandsoperan, Umeå, with a premiere on October 29, 2022.


Hoffmans äventyr, Norrlandsoperan i Umeå, 221018.

Reich + Szyber are responsible for direction, scenography & costume design.

Artistic team: lighting design Ronald Salas, video design Annie Tådne & choreography Sara Ribbenstedt.

Conductor: Henrik Schaefer.

Torbjørn Gulbrandsøy as Hoffmann, Denise Beck as Olympia/Antonia/Stella/Giulietta, Amie Foon as The Muse/Nicklausse and – Fredrik Zetterström in all The Evil Characters – Lindorf/Coppelius/Dr Miracle/Dappertutto.


We lead “Performance and live arts as a practice” – an independent 1/2time course at Stockholm Uni Arts, spring term 2021


Anna-Karin Sersam in “Silent men Silent women”, MDT Stockholm, 1989. Photo Björn Keller

https://www.uniarts.se/utbildningar/fristaende-kurser/performance-och-live-art-som-praktik-fristaende-kursThis is a course for you who want to explore and develop your ability to express yourself artistically in the performance and live arts through your artistic practice. Course leaders are Carina Reich and Bogdan Szyber.

You work practically with the process of developing an idea into a performance artwork. You will also have the opportunity to deepen your theoretical understanding of the history, context and possibilities of performance art.

In connection with this, you will also do your own or collective process analyses. You also document your reflections on your project work and use these to identify areas you want to explore for future artistic development.

Depending on your artistic practice, you can use different areas and media as work materials, such as visual art, literature, theater, poetry, music, dance, installation art, body art, as well as video, film and internet.

If you have questions about the course, email Camilla Damkjaer, senior lecturer at the Department of Performing Arts: camilla.damkjaer@uniarts.se

The course runs at half speed throughout the semester. The teaching consists of workshops, lectures and seminars as well as your own work under supervision.
Practical activities take place at SKH and these will be concentrated on a number of full and half days during the semester. Other parts of the course take place at a distance in the form of digital lectures, seminars and follow-ups, as well as self-study.

Bogdan Szyber panelist in public debate on the academization of the arts, Kulturhuset Stockholm October 15th



Bogdan Szyber panelist in ‘Artistic Research in the Firing Line’, Lund University, Sept 24




Heated media debate on started by the rejection of the doctoral dissertation of artist-researcher Bogdan Szyber


All the links unfortunately in Swedish except:

Artistic Research Is a Threat to Artistic Freedom












Bogdan Szyber’s PhD thesis torpedoed by the degree committee – For the first time in Sweden, a thesis in artistic research did not pass the public defence


Criticised Artistic Research, Didn’t Pass the Viva



Bogdan Szyber’s artistic research project (doctoral dissertation) is now published!


Illustration Niklas Alriksson

Bogdan Szyber, PhD student in at the faculty of Performing arts, has published Fauxthentication – Art, Academia & Authorship (or the site-specifics of the Academic Artist). The documented artistic research project can be found in the DiVA database. It is also published in the Research Catalog.

Ship of Fools – a play commissioned by Gothenburg City Theatre; premiere April 26th 2019



A tragicomic dystopia about the fall of the world as a live staged audio-play by Carina Reich and Bogdan Szyber.

In a sound studio, five foley artists stage everything from ecological collapse, planetary destruction, bile duct physiology and junk food travel through the gastrointestinal tract. They are based on the fable of Narrskeppet – the fools’ shoot, with a deaf, full and confused captain and a crew of panicky fools drifting towards their demise. All sounds are created in the old-fashioned way with wind machines, fresh vegetables or cellophane. Memories of war, extinction, HC Andersen’s tales and Godzilla’s rescue of the world are reproduced in 4-channel stereo sound.

Written by Bogdan Szyber  Direction Carina Reich & Bogdan Szyber  PERFORMED BY Johan Karlberg, Victoria Olmarker, Jesper Söderblom, Melina Tranulis & Marie Delleskog  Scenography & costumes Carina Reich & Bogdan Szyber  Make-up Katrin Lind Dramaturgy Joel Nordström


MoAR – The Museum of Artistic Research – Bogdan Szyber’s 80% research seminar


MoAR is a staging of the first-time group exhibition of artistic research, representing approximately 10% of all artistic researchers that publicly have defended a doctoral thesis in Sweden, covering all disciplines from film animation over fashion design to choreography. In addition to that, also a conversation about the mechanisms of creating and legitimizing the fascinating narrative structure we call ”history”.  

The vernissage will take place in The Baroque Hall on Wednesday September 26th at 5pm. On Thursday September 27th at 1pm the seminar will start off with a guided tour of MoAR’s collections, then continuing at the museum’s Auditorium with a dialogue between Bogdan Szyber and Professor Lotten Gustafsson Reinius.

Participants/Artistic researchers:
Jeoung-Ah Kim
Andreas Nobel
Maja Gunn
Birgitta Nordström
Mårten Medbo
Linda Worbin
Nils Claesson
Mara Lee Gerdén
Åsa Unander-Scharin
Kim Hedås
John-Paul Zaccarini
Janna Holmstedt
Tina carlsson
Andreas Gedin
Sandra Kopljar

Director, Museum of Artistic Research: Bogdan Szyber
Exhibition curated by: Erik Berg
Essayist: Dr Anna Laine
Editor-in-chief & exhibition guide: Marianna Feher
Discussant: Professor Lotten Gustafsson Reinius, Stockholm University; former Director of The Museum of Ethnography, Stockholm.



Our installation “…and it’s gone – The Archive of Vanished Moments”, Swedish Museum of Performing Arts, wins Best Museum Exhibition of 2017!


The jury’s motivation: “From title to content, an exhibition based on brave new thinking has been created to portray the moment of ephemerality. In an emotional meeting with the Archive of lost moments, the visitor can experience, discover and get lost among countless shelves of archived files to the brim filled with emptiness. Here are leftovers of being touched, of feelings, tears and laughter – as diverse as the audience’s individual experiences. With great confidence in art’s ability to touch, the visitor may participate in a performance artwork that the Performing Arts Museum has given exemplary freedom.  The performing arts’ ephemerality is captured – “… and it’s gone”.”

Årets utställning 2017 “…and it’s gone” Scenkonstmuseet

See also: https://scenkonstmuseet.se/artikel/priset-arets-utstallning-till-scenkonstmuseet/

“…and it’s gone – The Archive of Vanished Moments”, Swedish Museum of Performing Arts, nominated for the Best Museum Exhibitions of 2017


…and it’s gone is one of three nominees; The Association of Swedish Museums (Riksförbundet Sveriges museer) will finalize the winner in april 2018.

…and it’s gone – The Archive of Vanished Moments as cover for Nordic Theatre Studies


Bogdan Szyber’s 50% research seminar – in the subterranean concrete room under the Uniarts building, “Blue 210”, June 7th, 18:00 – 21:00.


“The Innocent Eye Test”, Mark Tansey, 1981

The merchandising of artistic research art and artistic research theory

An institutionalised critique

”That Howard Hawks made so many good movies without actually having a theory of moviemaking was a strong sign that he must really have a fantastic theory of the movies, if he would only tell you.”
/ Adam Gopnik, The New Yorker, January 12, 2015

The area involved in my inquiry is the economy of labour within artistic research, an area of academized art practice being elevated and validated within higher and higher hierarchies of The Higher Education Industry, a part of  The Knowledge Economy.

This economy, or market, inside international networks of that (severely politicized) industry, will by necessity produce it’s own line of artistic research art as well as it’s own line of artistic research theory.

I call these two products Edu-art and Edu-theory; Edu being a short form for Education.

  • What is being produced and for what purposes, inside our artistic research milieu?
  • What in particular distinguishes edu-art from out-of-academia art-art?
  • Which are its characteristics in relation to the economy, the labour, the production processes, the audience, it’s dissemination, documentation and archiving?

As an inquiry and exploration into this higher education marketplace, for this work, I’ve bought the intellectual property of Art production. I have found an artist online and obtained her services.

On the evening of 7 June, – Yvette Hammond, the composer, musician and artist from Los Angeles, will perform “Grounding” – a new series of compositions at the Stockholm University of the Arts – in the subterranean concrete room, “Blue 210”.  She will perform and I will stage the performance according to her dictates.

Opponent: Sinziana Ravini.


Date: Wednesday 7 Jun, 18:00 – 21:00

Place: Gathering 17:45 in the foyer at Stockholm University of the Arts, Linnégatan 87. You will be guided down to a room below the building.

Time Schedule:
• 18:00 – 19:00 Concert
Yvette Hammond, music & vocals
David Österberg, soundscape & electronics
Szyberspace Visuals (Carl-Jonathan Szyber), live projections & mapping
• 19:00 – 19:30 Snacks & beverages
• 19:30 – 21:00 Audio-visual lecture by the doctoral candidate
Opponent’s response to proposal
Open discussion with participants in the seminar

The seminar will be in English. Free entrance, no pre-booking.

Carina Reich presents her PhD project June 7th at “Talking, thinking, dancing”, Dance4 International Centre for Choreography, Nottingham, UK


Dance4 : Artistic Doctorates In Europe
Talking, thinking, dancing

Tuesday 6th  June  @ 5.00pm – 8.30pm
Wednesday 7th  June @ 9.00am – 5.00pm

Dance4   international Centre for Choreography, 2 Dakeyne Street, Nottingham.

This event bringing artists, researchers, supervisors and producers together to think through the past, present and future of Practice as Research degrees. A place to experience practice, discuss doctoral research processes and explore how knowledge creation through artistic practices could lead the future of the dance and choreographic field.

Wednesday 7 June, 9am – 4.45pm

 Three Practice as Research projects will inform the ADiE research through their performance, participation and discussion:

Carina Reich (SE) is a stage director and performer, and currently a PhD candidate in performative and mediated practices at Stockholm University of the Arts. She will expose the working processes leading to performance and the research process itself by re-staging The absent becoming present – a staged seminar that foregrounds different voices within the collaborative process of a devised performance.

Tero Nauha (Performing Arts Research Centre of the Theatre Academy at University of the Arts Helsinki, FI). Nauha will present the latest incarnation of A Performance from fictioning – an inquiry on positions, decisions and postures of performance. Tero was in the first cohort of students to undertake the national doctoral programme in artistic research (TAhTO). In discussion with Leena Rouhiainen, Tero will consider how the doctorate changed his practice.

Rosanna Irvine and Sara Giddens (UK)have extensive professional careers in dance and the expanded field of choreography. In 2015 they were awarded PhD’s from Middlesex University, commissioned by Dance4 and Middlesex University, through Arts and Humanities Research Council Collaborative Doctoral Awards. They will uncover this process through examples of their performance practice and a staged conversation with Paul Russ (Artistic Director at Dance4) and their former supervisors, Professors Vida Midgelow and Jane Bacon.

The day will be punctuated by conversations and interviews with Vida Midgelow (Middlesex University), Jane Bacon (University of Chichester), Camilla Damkjaer (Stockholm University), Leena Rouhiainen (University of the Arts Helsinki), Paul Russ (Dance4) and guests.


Bogdan Szyber to present his research project “Fauxthentication” at NYU/Tisch School of the arts March 8th 2017, 6:30-7:30pm




…and it’s gone – The impossibility of a Museum for The Performing Arts, Stockholm, February 11th – September 10th 2017


… And it’s gone! is a new exhibition by Carina Reich & Bogdan Szyber opening at the new Museum for The Performing Arts on 11 February. As the name suggests, … and it’s gone! deals with impossibility to completely preserve and thus exhibit the performing arts. For after all, only the memory of the experience remains… The performing arts being located in the space of the fleeting, the elusive, the disappearing.

FAUXTHENTICATION, a presentation of an intersectional artistic research project by and with PhD candidate Bogdan Szyber


Utilising his theatre and performance background as a professional, Bogdan Szyber will attempt an overlapping investigation of three fields:

  • The Academe
  • The Online Economy of Digital Labour
  • The Conceptual Art of Institutional Critique

Using theatre as a metaphor and dramaturgy as a methodology, he aims to analyse the cross-sections between pressures for academic excellence and the fraud of the higher education industry fuelled by the work of the digital global proletariat, incorporating discourses on class, gender, and the global digital economy.

When: May 2 at 9.30am-1pm, including a 30 minutes break with refreshments.
Where: Stockholm University of The Arts, Linnégatan 87, room L502, 5th floor.

The seminar will be in English

Free entrance, no pre-booking.

The Mechanical Turk

Staging of ‘Mahagonny’, Norrlandsoperan, premiere October 6th 2016


The opera ‘Mahagonny’ by Bertolt Brecht & Kurt Weill.

Reich + Szyber will direct in addition to the creation of the stage- and costume design.

HIGHWAY SIGNS‘Oh show us the way to the next whiskey bar!’


Swedish premiere of ‘The Anatomy of Vengeance’, Klarabiografen, Kulturhuset, Stockholm


Premiere October 22nd, 7pm and an additional screening October 23rd, same time.

In co-production with Stockholm Fringe Festival.

Both screenings will be followed by panel discussions.

The panels.
Thursday, October 22:
Sofia Jeppsson (Doctor of Practical Philosophy, University of Stockholm)
Torkild Thanem (Professor of Organization Theory, University of Stockholm)
Helle Klein (priest and the chief editor of Today’s Work)

Friday, October 23:
Gunnar Bohman (lecturer at Stockholm University, Dipl. Psychologist and psychotherapist)
Annika Borg (priest, Doctor of Theology and writer)
Don Kulick (Professor of Anthropology at the University of Uppsala)

Moderator both calls: Cecilia Garme


Title Anatomy



Our meta-documentary “Anatomy of Vengeance” accepted at DocuWest International Film Festival


World premiere at SIE Film Center, Denver, Colorado, Sunday September 13th, noon.


Bogdan Szyber co-curator for SAR event Unconditional Love

Teddy and The Curator

Teddy and The Curator

Bogdan Szyber, PhD candidate at Uniarts, is one of the curators for Unconditional Love – a conference about artistic research in conjunction to the annual meeting for Society for Artistic Research.

He will also, together with the dog Teddy, perform a pastiche of Joseph Beuys’ performance from 1965: How to explain art to a dead hare.

Unconditional Love will take the participants from on-site research into how caring and attention is expressed in the practice of artistic research. We will explore open access, auditing, peer-reviewing and critique, and the tug of war between science, magic and art on the issue of love.”// SAR newsletter February 2015

Bogdan Szyber, active in performance and site-specific art as well as a PhD student at Uniarts, is one of the curators of Unconditional Lovethis year’s spring meeting of the Society for Artistic Research (SAR). Unconditional Love is organized by SAR in partnership with University of the ArtsLondon, and will be held at the Chelsea College of Arts in London April 30-May 1. On May 2 SARwill hold their annual meeting.

Szyber’s own contribution to the conference is called Rosetinted spectaclesyndrome or How to explain Unconditional Love to a living dog  and he also brings two Swedish assistants:

  • Tom Stonea magician who has worked in research at the Choice BlindnessLab at Lund University,
  • Malena Ivarsson, senior lecturer in psychology at Södertörn Universitywho will tell you what happens to us in the infatuation phase of love, when weare totally absorbed by another creature, when our brains are filled by a more or less toxic mix of very specific neurotransmitters.

Reich + Szyber PhD candidates at The Stockholm University of The Arts



Carina Reich began her doctoral position in October 2013, and her research deals with the personal narrative in collaborative work processes. Read more about her project here: Carinas PhD på RS hemsida

Bogdan Szyber began his doctoral position in September 2014, and his research deals with how social and mass media, their intrinsic mechanisms and their logic form A Stage, shaping what today is part of a paradigm shift in how and where we create the performing arts. Read more about his project here: The Viral Stage short description


Nordwind Festivalen, Berlin, 14-17/8 2014


Performance lecture at Eden11 i Pankow/Berlin:

”Wherever you go, there you are” or Things That Happen To The Avant Garde As They Grow Old

Carina Reich & Bogdan Szyber share their innermost secrets from 30 years of collaborative work: the why, where, what and how of the unreasonable.

Reich + Szyber Nordwind Berlin

Shanghai calling July 2014


Reich + Szyber have been chosen to present their project Beggars Saturday, staged by the fictional company Persondesign in 2012, at The Performance Studies International Conference in Shanghai, July 4-8 2014.

The Local 1

A 5 day course in performance art practice; Academy of Music and Drama, Gothenburg University


Course specifically created for the research students in MA degree in theatre program.

A 5 day course in performance art practice; Brest Academic Theatre, Belarus


A part of the Belaya Vezha International Theatre Festival.

Performance Marathon; 26 August – 6 September, Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts


We lead a two-week practice-oriented performance art course for all theater courses (except actors & mime actors), starting their 3rd year of education.

Bauhaus vehicle

Public presentation on Thursday, September 5 for minimum three hours, hence the course title.


A 3 week course in the Site-specificity in the area of Concept & Composition; Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts


An investigation of the site-specific as a starting point for creating live art and film.

A 3 week course for film- and theatre directing, acting and mime-acting students. The site chosen for the process was The Rose Yard of The History Museum of Stockholm. All of the work, both the films as well as the live art, had to be created out of the particular space, in addition to the process being as horisontal as possible from the group dynamic point of view for the four groups involved.


STRWRS NOT THIS IS – Premiere May 4th, Stockholm’s Academy of Dramatic Arts


The 2013 graduating class from Mime Acting, Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts, together with the performance mentors Reich + Szyber, have put together a sometimes vocal total trip.
This production has a threefold basis: working with a well known classic story, to do an in-depth character work and, finally, to do something amazing and limitless, and some musical and family drama, and maybe some realistic theater, and film.
A rarely seen frantically browsing between genres presented in this meta performance where space is a common ground and where everything is pre-announced, described and commented by – when the audience take their places, the nine graduating students take us for a ride we’ll likely never forget…

Swedish opera among the best in Europe


Reich’ + Szyber’s staging of Alban Berg’s Wozzeck at the Norrland Opera in October 2011, has been selected for the program The Best of European Opera. The program and the TV adaptation of the set which is produced by Ditte Feuk on Swedish National Television, will be broadcast on 16 March SVT2 at 19: 20.

The Best of European Opera selects the season’s highlights from both small and large opera houses. The purpose is to show the audience a taste of the best productions and the  breadth of European scenes. The program is a collaboration with the European Broadcasting Union and broadcast throughout Europe. The Norrland Opera production of Wozzeck has in the program been joined by among others Il Trittico from The Royal Opera House in London and Den Norske Opera’s set of La Bohême.

Tragedy, sick humor and social criticism
Reich + Szyber has directed Wozzeck, and also designed the set and the costumes. They describe the opera as a tragedy in which all the characters move towards their inevitable destruction and death, but also as an opus full of sick humor and social criticism.

The whoremonger coin and organized begging – of mass media based art scandals


Panel discussion during the  Supermarket Art Fair, Friday 2/15 at. 17-18.30, Studio 3 Stage 3, The Culture House, Stockholm

Why do some works of art create scandals? Does the scandal influence the content and message of the art or is it that the scandal is art? Can the artist control this and what is the responsibility of the media for the creation of the scandal?
Last fall the copywriter Karl Fredrik Mattsson emerged as the man behind the much-touted “The whoremonger coin”.
A month earlier Carina Reich and Bogdan Szyber conducted the art project “Beggars Saturday” on Queen Street in downtown Stockholm. The whoremonger coin and Beggars Saturday got media to rage and brought many angry voices – they were mass-media art scandals.
In conjunction with the discussion, we’ll watch the movie “The King experiment” which tells how Mattsson proceeded to create the coins. The film has never been shown to the public.
Panelists: Karl Fredrik Mattsson (“hobby artist” / Copywriter), Carina Reich and Bogdan Szyber (artists), Martin Wicklin (journalist). Moderator: Mia Laurén (writer).
Time: 90 min

Inspiration Lecture at the Royal Collage of Music, Monday 4 February 2013.


Lecture at the University College of Opera’s course “The language of the large stage”, Wednesday 30 January 2013.


Key note lecture at the Swedish Research Council’s symposium on artistic research 2012


We participate in the Research Council symposium on art research with a short lecture titled A Three-Legged Creature.

Date: Friday, 2012-11-30

Time: 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. The place: the Reactor Hall, Queen Christina’s route 51, Stockholm. Organizer: Swedish Research Council, in collaboration with Royal Institute of Technology.

The artistic research focuses on creative processes and operations and earnings is usually in both the creative and writing. But what does this definition mean in practice? What similarities and differences are compared to other research cultures? What difficulties grappling artistic research with? What progress has it done so far?

The symposium explores artistic research based on six key themes:

Concept, context, experiments, methodology, claims / affidavit and evaluation.

Moderator of the day, Professor Ole Lützow-Holm, a member of the Committee for Artistic Research and Development. Participating researchers / artists are: Otto Von Busch, Carina Reich and Bogdan Szyber, Ann-Sofi Sidén, Stefan Baltic and Nguyen Thanh Thuy and Sten Sandell.

What do I give to you – a 14day workshop on the conditions of creativity in Belgrade, Serbia.


Reich + Szyber lead a 2-week workshop produced by Bitef, The Swedish Institute and the Swedish embassy in Belgrade, from 22 October to 3 November 2012.




What do I give to You – Conversation, reflection and inclusion

A interdisciplinary workshop for creative professionals in Belgrade, Serbia.

Beggars Saturday – a project along Drottninggatan; part of the Stockholm Fringe Fest. August 25, 2012 at 11:00 – 15:00


On the first of July, we launched a fictitious company called Persondesign. The company was presented as authentic, but it is part of an art project by Reich-Szyber. Important starting points for the project were our own encounters with beggars and the simplifications in the on-going debate. We wanted to highlight the issue. And the people.

The business idea behind the company Persondesign was to remove the disgraceful aura from begging and making it into a job as others, while the company would make a profit. Through advertisements, including the newspapers Metro and Situation Stockholm (a monthly magazine sold by the homeless), people where sought out who were prepared to beg for something they considered necessary (or wanted to give to others). The salary was 100 SEK per hour and in addition the beggar could keep half of what was received while begging. The other half went to the Persondesign. With these conditions we arranged Beggar Saturday, August 25th at the lower part of Drottninggatan in central Stockholm, between 11am to 3pm.

For an account of the main results aswell as indepth info  – please go to  Beggars Saturday/Persondesign in Portfolio, where you will also find the background to why we created the project



Participation in the debate “What is performance art” at 14:00, Red Spot, Supermarket Art Fair, Kulturhuset, Stockholm.



Lecture and Master Class, Målarsalen, Royal Dramatic Theatre February 1, 2012, 18-19.30



A conversation about How to Create and On What Grounds.

Carina Reich and Bogdan Szyber show parts of their work and involve the audience in a dialogue about the grounds of creating. The conversation revolves around existing work structures and already accepted (often invisible) rules on how and to whom the theater is to be created and conveyed, the fact that a given work communicates to the audience as much through its form as its content, and last but not least, in what context performance of works. The dialogue then goes to practice “on the floor,” with ideas suggested by and from fledgling artists from the Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts.

February 1 at 18:00 to 19:30, Målarsalen

Five famous musicians killed in pile-up


– Reich + Szyber are staging the play “Five famous musicians killed in pile-up” by John Ajvide Lindqvist at the Royal Dramatic Theatre/Målarsalen, with rehearsals starting November 29th 2011 and the premiere on 28 January 2012. Reich + Szyber are responsible for directing, set- and costume design.




– Reich + Szyber are staging the opera “Wozzeck” by Alban Berg at Norrlandsoperan in Umeå, with rehearsals starting August 15 and the premiere 1 October 2011. Reich + Szyber are responsible for directing, set- and costume design. The piece will be broadcast on Swedish National TV March 3rd 2012. A touring version in collaboration with photographer Mats Bäcker and filmmaker John Forslind will hit the northern routes in November.