About Haunted Dancehall:

“The loss of dreams, of the ability to feel, of everything you hoped for before the last dance came to an end. A couple of dancing children now and then waltz across the floor like a memory of innocent times. – Ich bin so allein – conductor Per Ulander sings, summing up what everyone is trying to laugh off.” (Dagens Nyheter)

“The cast is sparkling with joy and charisma” (Stockholm City)

“And, above all, the performers are so damn good.” (Svenska Dagbladet)

”Haunted Dancehall is an insanely funny performance. An unexpected and unabashed mix of the most bizarre events that stretch the boundaries of fantasy and allow the observer to let themselves go in wild roars of laughter. But it’s also a very sad and tragic performance. Because the difference between laughing at and feeling sorry for a comical but at the same time unhappy character is minute, and Szyber and Reich allow the audience to waver between the two many, many times.”
(Norrländska Socialdemokraten)

”What’s greatest is that Ika Nord herself is on stage…Being able to see her live is a true delight. Maybe she is the one that shines the brightest, even if all nine artists really sparkle. And it’s maybe just that which is Haunted Dancehall’s greatest feat, and what makes the atmosphere so warm and cheerful. They all really give it all they’ve got. There’s soul and heart in every scene. A musical about the heart with the most heartfelt of artists”. (Västerbottens Folkblad)

About Music For A Darkened Theatre:

“Music for a darkened theatre is a labyrinth game in which everyone on stage seems to be having great fun. It’s infectious and feels liberating. It’s unlike anything else in the theatres right now…”  (Svenska Dagbladet)

”Most of it starts off on a serious note, but sort of flips out. The male dancers begin a beautiful dance number together but get lost in a discussion about how it should be ended. Cecilia Roos doesn’t allow herself to be spirited away out of a box but has an epileptic fit.  The mime Ika Nord talks in a French accent when telling endless stories. Her wonderful plastic gesticulation causes us to lose the thread.  It’s fun and confusing, nerdy and virtuous, beautiful and actually very entertaining, like looking at a moving, surrealistic painting.”  (Uppsala Nya Tidning)

”In its greatest moments Music for a darkened theatre is a twisted variety performance in which anything can happen. Even if it wavers as a whole, many segments are spectacular and full of wonderful dark humor. You can’t be anything but impressed by the elaborate approach… Cecilia Roos plays a cool watchful dance medium who is equipped with a surgical collar and greaves before she can be liberated from her shield. Ika Nord is the story teller who speaks with the help of her entire bodily register. Her mimical and comical ability is a great asset and drives the whole thing forward… Furthermore, the artists seem to be having just as much fun on stage as we are having in the audience – if not more. A happy atmosphere that is infectious. Music for a darkened theatre is so full of dance, music, shadow theatre and film that it creates its own hard-to-describe world… All the same, it’s very easy to let yourself be seduced by Music for a darkened theatre.” (